Course curriculum

  • 1

    Find Your Passion

    • What is Passion?

  • 2

    Your Need for Passion

    • Why passion will make you successful in life and business

  • 3

    The Search for passion

    • How do you find your passion?

  • 4

    The Time Commitment for Your Passion

    • How long does it take to find your passion?

  • 5

    Merge Your Skills with Your Passion

    • Questionnaire to find your interest and skills

  • 6

    Step Up as Pioneer

    • How your passion will lead you to become a pioneer

  • 7

    Map Out Your Journey

    • What’s next after you found your passion?

  • 8

    Turn Your Passion into Profits

    • How to transform your passion into an online business?

  • 9

    Choose the Right Business Model for You

    • What different business models exist?

  • 10

    Choose the Right Niche for You

    • How to choose the right niche