Course curriculum

  • 1

    Prayers & Meditations

    • Welcome Prayer

    • Meditation Wildly Wealthy Witch Abundance Meditation

    • Install PioneerU app on your phone

  • 2

    3-Part Video Training: From Chaos To A Thriving Opportunity

    • How To Boost Your Immune System

    • How To Develop Emotional And Mental Resilience

    • How To Make 50k Months In Uncertain Times

  • 3

    How We Create Win-Win Opportunities In Times Of Chaos

    • How we create win-win opportunities

    • How to empower yourself & others in difficult times

  • 4

    On Our Journey To 9-Figures In Six Years

    • Why your Business is not growing as fast

    • What it really takes to create consistent $ 30k to $ 60k months

    • From $ 60k to multiple 6-figure months

    • Why you are starving at 7-figures

    • Why you can't seem to break the 7- or 8-figure ceiling

  • 5

    Sell Out And Deliver On Your Multiple 5-Figure Offers

    • The Ascended Wealth Mastery™

    • Why you should charge $10k NOW for your deeply transformational work

    • How to sell and deliver even if you are not ready

    • How to sell your multiple 5-figure offer with integrity to strangers who have never heard of you before

    • How to cure the not good enough disease once and for all to sell out your multiple 5-figure packages

    • Why there should be as many business models as there are coaches and mentors out there AKA why your business is unlike anyone else’s

    • What needs to change for you to actually sell multiple 5-figure packages with integrity and deliver on them

    • The key ingredients to closing 25k to 100k offers without upselling and funneling clients into it

  • 6

    Cure The Expert Syndrome And Become A Pioneer

    • What is working for experts is not working for PIONEERS

    • Recognise if you are a Pioneer

  • 7

    Master Yourself And Become The Leader You Want To See In The World

    • How to show up as the Leader at the forefront of the Evolution

    • Why being too much and too deep is exactly what you need

    • End Self-Sabotage Forever

    • Why there literally doesn't exist any high and low frequency

    • What a core wound is

    • Where self-discovery & conscious wealth kiss each other goodnight

  • 8

    Unleash Your Creative Genius

    • Selling up not out

    • How a Creative Genius actually works

  • 9

    Nourish Yours And The Planetary Life-Force

    • How to protect and care for the most important part of yourself

    • How your body is directly connected to your feminine energy

  • 10

    3-Part Livestream Series – Create A Synchronous Vortex

    • How to have a miraculous shift in a moment of grace that liberates your fortune

    • How to have the courage to lead and call people higher by reinventing your industry

    • How to cooperate with mother earth and the cosmos itself

  • 11

    3-Part Livestream Series – The Art Of The Evolutionary Entrepreneur

    • How to master the art of business and only work in your zone of genius with exactly the people you want

    • Why it is selfish to not sell out your multiple 5-figure offers

    • How to have a business like a well-oiled machine so that you only work in your zone of genius

  • 12

    About Us

    • From Mental Illness, Prison & Abuse to three Companies & Growing