Course curriculum

  • 1

    Integrate The Five Elements Of Your Life-Force To Eliminate Overwhelm And Burnout

    • The Five Elements of the Life-Force

  • 2

    Cure the Expert Syndrome and Step Up as a Pioneer to Achieve Your Impossible Vision

    • Cure the Expert Syndrome to Step Up as a Pioneer

  • 3

    Collapse Time To Achieve Your Goal From Years Into Months By Creating Your Life Without Illusions

    • Disempower The Basic Human Illusions

  • 4

    Cultivate a Conscious Relationship With All of Life To Eliminate Hustle And Working Hard

    • Cultivate A Conscious Relationship With All Of Life

  • 5

    Map Out Your Ideal Life To Reduce Your Workweek To 16 Hours With 100K+ Cash Months

    • Reduce your workweek to 16 hours or less while making 30k to 100k+ cash months