Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start here with the LSA

    • Onboarding for PioneerU

    • Book Your 1:1 Calls

  • 2

    LSA Resources, Tools & Stuff

    • Resources for the LifeSkills Academy™

  • 3

    Financial Element

    • Create And Sell Out Your Premium Offer

    • Disempower The Basic Human Illusions And All Objections On Your Sales Calls

    • Manage And Multiply Your Money

    • What different business models exist?

    • How to choose the right niche

    • Collapse Time to Create your #100kMasterpiece

    • Unleash Your Free Self-Expression For Boundless Creativity

  • 4

    Physical Element

    • How To Protect And Care For The Most Important Part Of Yourself

    • How Your Body Is Directly Connected To Your Feminine Energy

    • Intestinal Health

    • Vitamins, Minerals and Blood

    • Breathwork

    • Weight Balance

    • Biochemistry

    • Gut Health

  • 5

    Emotional Element

    • End Self-Sabotage Forever

    • How To Empower Yourself & Others In Difficult Times

    • Where Self-Discovery & Conscious Wealth kiss each other Good-Night

    • Why Being Too Much And Too Deep Is Exactly What You Need

    • What a Core Wound is

    • Lead With Curiosity And Boldly Walk Into The Unknown

    • The Matrix of Fear and Linear Functioning That Kills Your Work Of Art

    • Enlisting the Power of the Subconscious NOW

    • What Your Inner Child Needs (Because It's Not Healing)

  • 6

    Mental Element

    • Collapse The Time To Create Your #100kmasterpiece

    • Disempower The Basic Human Illusions

    • Why There Literally Doesn't Exist Any High And Low Frequency

    • Energetic Boundaries

    • Integrate All Elements

    • Thought Cleansing and the Power of Clear, Consistent Communication

    • Embody The Courage To Lead And Step Up As A Pioneer

    • Use the Power of the Superconscious To Create The Unimaginable

  • 7

    Spiritual Element

    • Cultivate A Conscious Relationship With All Of Life

    • The Space Of The Soul Is That Of Learning

    • The Energetic Principle Behind Quantum Leaps

    • Expand And Monetize Your Intuitive Skills

    • Use The Higher Mind And The Superconscious

    • Dance To Be The Creator And The Creation At The Same Time

    • Prayers and Mantras

    • Come Home With Ceremonies

  • 8

    Relational Element

    • Protect And Nourish Your Life-Force

    • The Grounded, Nourishing Empowerment

    • The Activated, Synchronous Vortex™

    • Love IQ with Daniella Astor

  • 9

    Creative Element

    • Unleash Your Free Self-Expression For Boundless Creativity

    • Create On Purpose

    • Find your Passion

    • Your need for Passion

    • How to find Passion

    • How long it takes to find Passion

    • Questionnaire to find your interest and skills

    • How your passion will lead you to become a pioneer

    • What’s next after you found your passion?

    • How to transform your passion into an online business?

    • Claim your Creative Expression and Authority

    • Come Back To Passion And Play

    • Ditch The Force And Hustle

    • Unleash your Creative Genius (aka the Artist)

    • Create For Longevity, Not Instant Gratification

    • Unlock Your True Passion To Claim Your Big Vision

  • 10

    Sexual Element

    • Upgrade Your Nervous System with Nina Powell

    • Integrate the Tantric Element

    • Surrender To Passion

    • Unleash Your Primal Untamed Animal Self

  • 11

    LSA Group Call Recordings

    • PioneerU Welcome Call

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 06/05/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 13/05/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 20/05/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 27/5/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 3/6/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 10/6/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 17/6/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 24/6/2020

    • LifeSkills Academy Group Call 15/07/2020