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    Chapter 1: Co-Create with all of life to bring Pioneer Creations into the world

    • Myth #1 You build your company

    • Myth #2 The more successful you are the more you have to work

    • Myth #3 When your life or business falls apart you have to fix it

    • Truthbomb #1 Multi-dimensional expansion is your true measurement for success

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    Chapter 2: Create Your #MultiMillionMasterpiece on purpose as a Pioneer and not an expert

    • Myth #1 You need to become the go-to brand in your industry and dominate your space

    • Myth #2 You need to build a brand around you

    • Myth #3 You need to pick one niche or industry

    • Truthbomb #1 You are an artist trapped in the body of a business person

    • Truthbomb #2 Your Masterpiece is either alive or dead

    • Truthbomb #3 Step into Pioneer Mastery™ to out-success your big vision

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    Chapter 3: #MultiMillionMasterpiece offer creation

    • Myth #1 You need to sell what the market wants

    • Myth #2 You need to research your competitors to beat them

    • Myth #3 You need to add more value to your offer to dominate your industry

    • Truthbomb #1 You need to tell the market what they need

    • Truthbomb #2 Pioneer Creations do not compete, they create new markets

    • Truthbomb #3 Pioneer Creations are multi-dimensional

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    Chapter 4: Get clear on your big vision to create impossible miracles

    • Myth #1 You need to fix what is broken to increase your company’s revenue

    • Myth #2 You need to solve a problem to create value in the market

    • Myth #3 You need to speak to your customers pain to present your solution to their problems

    • Truthbomb #1 Step up as a Pioneer to expand into the biggest vision beyond your wildest dreams

    • Truthbomb #2 Receive a vision so big that outlasts even your existence

    • Truthbomb #3 Focus on these four elements to expand their vision in love instead of speaking to their fear

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    Chapter 5: Implement Pioneer Mastery to shorten the sales cycle of your Pioneer Creations

    • Myth #1 This is how you are wasting millions on your sales team

    • Myth #2 A 30% conversion rate for sales calls is acceptable

    • Myth #3 You need to close people on a call and overcome objections

    • Truthbomb #1 Eliminate sales calls to close more multi-million deals

    • Truthbomb #2 Do this to enroll pre-sold customers and increase sales calls to a 100% conversion rate

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    Chapter 6: Collapse timelines to deliver your Pioneer Creations

    • Myth #1 You can outwork everyone to beat talent and produce more

    • Myth #2 You need to repeat and improve what has worked so far to deliver better results, a better product, a better service

    • Myth #3 You can hustle your way to more success by adding more opportunities to your plate

    • Truthbomb #1 Your company’s most valuable asset

    • Truthbomb #2 You should never do something twice

    • Truthbomb #3 Enjoy the game without attachment

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    Pioneer Conclusion

    • Surrender to Your Pioneer Creations™

    • How to get more support

    • With deep gratitude

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    Pioneer Support

    • PioneerU™ Code of Ethics

    • Pioneer Offers

    • Standing in the Fire