Course curriculum

  • 1

    Facebook SOP's

    • Use FB Groups To Grow Your Friends List

    • Cancel Pending Friends Requests

    • Reach Out To New FB Friends

    • Repurposing Content To Post In Other FB Groups

    • Grow Your Audience And Convert Them Into Raving Fans

    • Continue To Fill Your Pipeline With Hot Leads

    • Grow A List Of Eager Readers And Buyers

    • How To Distribute Content On Facebook Using Your Facebook Group, Personal and Public Profile

  • 2

    LinkedIn SOP's

    • Linkedin Profile Structure

    • Setup Your LinkedIn Profile With A Banner, Picture And Title

    • How To Post On LinkedIn

  • 3

    Cross-Posting On Multiple Platforms

    • Coming Soon

  • 4

    TikTok SOP's

    • Copy of Grow A Highly Engaged And Profitable Community